BSoD when killing RhinoWIP process


I know WIP is far from being a stable build, but could you at least stabilize the RhPython script engine killing.

I was forced to use RhinoWIP because of Rhino.Geometry.Curve.CreateBooleanRegions. Now everytime I try to kill Rhino process when the script takes too long or Rhino stops responding.
I get Blue Screen of Death.

Please either provide some mechanism to halt the script keeping Rhino running, or allow safe killing of the IronPython engine.

I haven’t gotten BSoD since years and now I get it a few times a day.
This is not acceptable.



Can you share a script and file to reproduce this?
I’m killing Rhino quite often when developing yet never het a BSoD.
Maybe there is more to it than just that script


I cannot share that particular script but perhaps I have to mention that this happens on a Windows 7 x64 Professional.

Also it happened with two completely different scripts just that the script causes Rhino to become non-responsive and when I dot KillTree from task manager BSoD occurs.

I can try causing this in my home PC (Win10 Pro) at least to confirm it’s a Win7 thing.

I think you can use the script from this thread:

Indeed that would be a good first step.
I don’t have Win7 running