BSOD? Memory leak?

I know that a BSOD is rarely just a software crash–huh Microsoft themselves claim it’s 70% drivers, 10% hardware–but I’ve come back to my PC a few times in the past week to find my system has rebooted, with the only constant being the WIP being open. Latest WIP and Nvidia drivers. It hasn’t yet happened while actually working, and there’s not much in the way of clues in the Event Viewer. Any other reports like this?

It’s not clear whether you are experiencing a blue screen crash or an unexplained reboot. Or both. Which windows version and which Rhino version? How long was the machine unattended after which you “came back”?

Like 2hrs to overnight?

I do seem to have messages indicating it’s a BSOD, “machine check exception, cache hierarchy error” sounds like the processor…?

Hi Jim -

I’m afraid I haven’t seen other reports of this nature, no.

I guess it finally happened while I was working, with the WIP not open, so apparently my CPU is dying if the error messages should be taken literally.

Yes, it is effectively impossible for user mode code like rhino to cause a bsod, it is only possible for it to appear to do so, by asking the machine to do things that overstress hardware, trigger a driver or windows kernel bug, and the like, so it’s definitely an indication to look at drivers & hardware health.

Well, after…2 months? The problem appears to have been fixed either by a system BIOS update or…drumroll…unplugging an old unused USB hard drive, which seemed to be the source of constant 20, 30-watt power demand fluctuations according to my UPS.


So I did something seemingly innocuous if not entirely advisable today and decided to copy everything off the old unused USB drive that was apparently causing random reboots, and…wow beware of 8+ year-old media folks! Partway through my documents SSD and the SATA port it was connected to were killed, Windows had to do a little repair on the boot drive, and the afternoon was shot buying a new SSD and waiting on all my data to restore. Holy cow.