**Bruiser Built Custom Flatbeds Seeking Experienced Rhino User**


Seeking experienced Rhino user of any kind to re-draw (rebuild) designated Sketchup files in Rhino.

Background: We have been modeling custom flatbeds in SketchUp Pro for a couple years. Our process has been simple, as the sheet metal parts involved are cut from a 2D file. We flatten each part in SU, nest them on a 2D sheet, then plug that into the cnc plasma cutter. The remaining parts involved are manually cut on a band saw, so we pull dimensions off the rendering manually.
We are now going to be Laser-Cutting every part involved. This process will be executed by a flat CNC Laser and a CNC Tube-Laser. These machines require files to be imported into SolidWorks. This leaves us with the task / problem at hand:
Poly-Mesh Files from SketchUp…We seem to have two options; convert exported SKP file to an IGES, STEP or 3DM using Rhino’s QuadRemesh (OR) lock an imported SketchUp object in Rhino then trace / re-build each part as a native Rhino file to be exported as any supported file type that can be imported into SolidWorks. So far rebuilding the file seems to be the most straight forward way to go.

If you have any input or would be willing to tackle this task for us we would greatly appreciate it!!
Please reach out by call, text, or email to bruiserbuilt@gmail.com / (406)696-4322 so we can talk about details and payment!

If this turns out to be a simple task for someone, we would be inclined to develop an ongoing workflow with you included.

Thanks in advance!

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I can’t personally fathom actually using Sketchup to model things that will be cut out of steel in the real world, but there’s no reason to do a “mesh to NURBS” Solidworks conversion here if this workflow is somehow working for you. Plasma, laser, waterjet, knife, pen…it’s all the same super-basic 2D CNC stuff. Find a different supplier or different software.

Your message didn’t seem to make it our inbox. Can also reach out via email directly at bruiserbuilt@gmail.com.