Broken and/or shattered geometry result in Revit after baking

So, this is a bit complicated. Revit is quite picky what it will accept as a BREP. And its tolerance is only set to 1mm. I see that the Rhino file has a tolerance of:

Those are much tighter then Revit will handle.

Here are the steps I use to fix it.

  1. Using the attached GH to find the panels that failed. It shows the failed results in magenta in Rhino
  2. I set to Tolerance Absolute to 0.001mm and Angle to 0.5.
  3. Solid > Extract surface to extracted one face of the panels that were failing.
  4. Used Rebuild on those faces with 10 control points in each direction. Use the Retrim option.
  5. Solid > Offset with FlipAll options to 5 mm thickness.

The results go across fine.

This is one of the challenges to the process, how to model clean enough so Revit will accept the results. In this case I am not clear why this rebuild worked. But I will log this file for closer testing. We continue to try and see if we can automatically identify the Geometry that Revit will refuse. In this case it might have been an odd edge tolerance.

Do you get the same results?

Find failing (12.9 KB)