Broad to broader arced profile develops sharp point en route NetworkSrf...why?


both curves are drawn with tangent so no ‘pointiness’ there, yet they develop a sharpish point during transition with NetworkSrf.

Why ?

surely the one radius should get broader as it becomes the larger one.

They are the only curves I have for the tip of a Mass Balance weight. All ‘halves’ meet tangent.

Is there a better command for this shape given these curves I have ?
I did wonder if a mix of deg 3 and deg 5 curves was to blame, so made all deg5 (grey one) but no difference much.

MBW tip NetworkSrf.3dm (479.7 KB)

Hi Steve - this is because there is no good info to tell the surface what to do - it does not have any info about the tangent direction between the two arcs, You can extrude the curves that you are using an use the edge as input to the network, asking for tangency there, or, just Join the base egg shaped curves into one and make the whole shape as one network surface.


Hi Pascal,
sorry I dont follow that method, video or something.

I found that by halving the egg shape profile and doing shape in four parts, by selecting purple red cyan each time I got a curved transition.

purple cyan red gave a pinched in area .

The order of picking made a difference to the result !

Now trying your second suggestion joint the purple egg profile, I get a more rounded top but not as rounded as my purple red cyan 4 parts method. Now which is correct roundedness I wonder ! ?