Broad Brooch

Rhino and Grasshopper


Looks like a Legend of Zelda level/dungeon from way back! :slight_smile:

I was never much of a gamer but I see what you’re saying.

I just meant that is looks nice. What do you use for rendering?

I figured you meant that it had a PacManesque maze-like quality. I used Rhino Cycles, which has its limitations. I had wanted the gems to be transparent and faceted but Cycles does not seem to be able to do the raytracing for that, or maybe I’m missing something - so, I had to fudge a semi-transparent cabachon. I’m slowly inching into Blender and its Cycles renderer, which being free, is within my price-range.

Yes, the latest Blender version sure looks promising, however I find the transition from Maya pretty cumbersome. A free 3D software for destructive modelling and rendering sure is a blessing though.