BringToFront - not selectable geometry

BringToFront is a great command when for example drawing hidden geometry in 2D for explanation reasons.

But … it also produces geometry that is not selectable albeit visible. Which is very confusing.

Isn’t it more natural if geometry that has been to brought to Front is actually selectable ?

Shouldn’t this be the default behaviour ?


Do you have a file that illustrates this behavior? I don’t see how something that has responded to BringToFront would not be selectable afterward.

In this file

BringToFront Example 240601.3dm (449.2 KB)

there are two boxes with a rectangle below. The left rectangle has “BringToFront” applied. The right has not.

I can’t select the rectangle brought to front.

I can select either one…


OK, I see what you mean if I set the viewport to shaded. Don’t know what can be done there, there appears to be a conflict between selecting occluded objects and display order…


@mikko - can something be done here?