Bring edges of plywood in by 30mm which command for solids?

I have used the solid cube icon tool to create some plywood sheets but now need to reduce the sides inwards by 30mm. Just wondering is there a command to do this, select solid, and enter value for each side face perhaps ?
I presume the command will require the faces selecting as it wont know which is the unmoveable face !
I presume it also would work on a sheet made from curves (line tool).


have you at least got a screenshot of your work? there are a few options. one would be to subselect (ctrl shift select) then use the gumball to move the side(s) or use boxedit, or use Scale1D or even Scale2D?

Hi, model attached,
need to reduce overlap of ply on beams to 15mm, thus side sheets lose 2omm all sides,
top on two sides, ends on three sides,
handles dont receive ply.
just trying to minimise weight for posting something.
every little helps.
plywood 30mm inset reqd.3dm (62.4 KB)

Hi Steve, try SolidPtOn. Then pick an end group of points , then with gumball on type in the distance you want to move them. Make sure gumballs drag strength is at 100%. That is if you mess with drag strength, if not it’s not a problem.—- Mark

Hi @Steve1,

Or you can use Boxedit, as your panels are square on.


I don’t know if I understood any of that, but if you want to bring the edges in by a set amount on flat sheet, DupFaceBorder, Offset, then then extrude to get the thickness - throw away the originals.