Bring back the grunge

The reason I used Toucan Render was the ability to create really moody shadows that contained lots of noise using ambient occlusion. I have spent a day fiddling with settings on Rhino Render on the release version and WIP and can’t seam to achieve the same results with the skylight. Is there any way to increase the noise and gradient within the shadows?

I was also happy to hear that Toucan was still included in the WIP but I am getting poor results from it. Every time I render out with Toucan I get full width strips that do not render. I have tried this on a MBP and iMac mini with various WIP releases and get the same issue. I have still got the 5A 527 installed and that still works perfectly.

Sorry. Toucan is gone and will not be back.

Thanks for the quick reply. Any idea how to increase the shadow depth with rhino render? There are a whole load of settings under preferences>Display modes> Rendered - are these linked to the Render command or just the live view in the window?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry, you’re looking for ambient occlusion shadows which Rhino Render does not have. The use of Rectangular lights can get close to the speed of AO but it’s not the same rendering technique and won’t produce the grunge. I agree the loss of AO with the abandoning of Toucan is too bad but we were able to get HDR lighting and reflections by moving to Rhino Render which was a significant gain in the other direction. Using Rhino Render will allow us to support the same rendering settings and materials on both Windows and Mac too. Toucan is no longer in development.