Brief list on win/mac tools missing


As Subject,
does anyone have a short list of witch win tools are missing in Mac version?

I know that all the visual style are not yet implemented, also for layout.
But how about drawing/modify tools?


(Marlin Prowell) #2

Is there a particular command or group of commands you are looking for?


Hi Marlin,
not really, I’m a Win users and a Teacher and I have to face up students often with a mac, so I would know better what I have to say or ask.

There’s any, public, list of what is missing?


(Marlin Prowell) #4

We don’t have a list of commands at this moment, just areas like printing and layout. Rendering is currently what was in Rhino V4 and is incomplete. For teaching, I always suggest first trying what you intend to teach to make sure everything you want is there.


Updated Python rhinoscriptsyntax… :smiling_imp:


(Marlin Prowell) #6

I think @stevebaer is the one that needs to do this.


Yeah, I know, just wanted to make sure it’s on the list… :smile: