Bridge Girders with Hogs

Hi Everyone.
Trying to model Bridge Girders Rotated in 5% cross slope and 30mm Hog in middle.
The Surface given is of deck slab bottom so i need the girders tops be aligned with it to achieve the desired slope as it taken from civil 3d.
@René_Corella Please if you could look at it.
Thanks and Regards
Bridge.3dm (97.7 KB) (17.7 KB)


Similar to your last topic, it is hard to understand exactly what you want. I am not a bridge expert like you and the cad image you show is just a close-up detail area from which I can’t necessarily guess where you want to orient the ‘girders’ to. Please pardon my inability to decipher it at the moment :slight_smile: - I bet it can become clearer once you upload a sketch that’s obvious :wink: Like: do the ends of each projected curve correspond to the center of each ‘hog’?

How does this image:

relate to these:


Like this?

Now, in the meantime, there was an issue with your surface in the first place where the loft produced was not clean. Aside from sorting the curves correctly, you need to change the Rhino tolerance for the projections to yield a good result. I changed the tolerance to 0.0001 and the projections now work. Check it here: (15.7 KB)

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Hi @René_Corella Thanks at first. I posted this and later tried to edit it but lost track of it to edit for more clarity. so posted it again. my fault. sorry for that. Here it might be clear a bit.
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