Bridge bug - face pre-selection

Hi @theoutside (I don’t know if you’re the right one to tag?)
Take a look at the attached file. I’m able to Bridge from the naked edges, no problem. If instead I pre-select the two red faces, the object goes nuts and deletes some faces.
WIP bridge bug.3dm (184.5 KB)
HTH, Jakob

I see the same here, and It feels buggy to me… as a workaround, use insert points and put a new edge here (see image)

it then bridges those 4 faces (preselected) fine-

I’ll pass this file to our dev team to see if this is a bug or as designed.

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bug logged here:

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I think the Bridge command is working with faces this is a mistake.
The Bridge command handbook says the object works naked edges.
Where’s the bug?

it should bridge the faces and not explode

RH-59053 is fixed in the latest WIP


just tested it- works well but you must preselect before starting the command to bridge faces.

Then you need to make changes to the reference guide that you can work with faces, not just naked edges.