Brickwall Distance between the bricks

Hey guys, I have brickwall, based on a Surface. Contours and horizontal Frames helped with creating that wall. The bricks have all the same distance to each other. Now I would like to achieve a different distance between the bricks on the left side of the wall than the one on the right side of the wall. Preferably a “flow” (from 0 to half the brick width for example).
I hope I could express my Problem. Thank you in advance!

You only have to replace your 2nd to last step.
Instead of doing “horizontal frames”, do “horizontal frame” and start to mess with the “t” value
Don’t forget to reparameterize!

Thank you so much for your answer! I have tried it as you told me to do, but what I am missing is the “x*2 Count” of the “horizontal Frames”. I attached a Picture where I out a yellow circle around the affected box.
Thanks for your help!

The “steps” of range will need the “x*2”

It worked, thank you! I have one last question: Do you have an idea how I can determine a “minimum” distance between the bricks, so that they do not overlap? It means the minimum distance between the centre-points of the bricks is the width of one brick.