Bricks random pattern

Hi all.

I am working on bricks pattern for facade.

I want the bricks to fade as they go up. However, the gap between bricks is not getting narrower.

The spacing between the bricks is 10 mm and 114 mm. For the floor, all bricks have a solid spacing of 10mm, but I want to increase the frequency of 114mm spacing as it goes up. So in the top case, all the bricks are 114mm apart.

I hope the placement of the bricks is not constant and random.

I would appreciate it if you could help.

This is what i am working now. This algorithm is referenced on this site. And output is only one line.
bricks (1).gh (17.3 KB)

Brick size is 190 x 57 x 90

Show your GH

Okay, didn’t notice that. Thanks.

What is the brick size?

size is x 190 y 90 z 57

And full width of wall is about 20m, height is about 10m.

Bricks random pattern (24.1 KB)

I believe you can add the first layer by yourself.

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Thank you!

Can you tell me how I can adjust the size of the brick? And how can I make the full size of wall high?

Thanks again.

Bricks random pattern (24.0 KB)