Brick wall pattern

Hi! :smile:

I’m currently working on my graduation project using Rhino and Grasshopper and I’m not very experienced in those programs.
I made a brick pattern in archicad and I would like to recreate that in Rhino using Grasshopper. I would like it so that I can control the gaps between the bricks.
I added the script I currently have but I just cant seem to align the green bricks over the gap between the white bricks. (like in the screenshot of the pattern I want)

The brick measurements are: 178x83x48mm

Can anyone help me with this?
(Sorry if my script is very amateur…)


Please upload your GH file with internalized geometry so we can have a look.

Hello! Is this the file you want? :slight_smile:

GH file brick (33.2 KB)

When you start a thread, ask yourself: “What would I need to answer this question without creating geometry and a script from scratch?”. Did you read this?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Your geometry is not internalized, so your script is useless:

Made the assumption that the base curves were two lines, here it is :

GH file brick (20.1 KB)

I’m sorry, I now internalized it! I think this should work now.

GH file brick (18.0 KB)

  • How are the longitudinal bricks suppose to align when they overlap 4 transversal bricks ?
  • Are the bricks supposed to stay aligned in world coordinates, or follow the curvature ?


GH file brick (19.1 KB)

the longitudinal bricks can follow the slant of the wall, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t align perfectly over the transversal bricks. It just needs to be in the center of the gap between the transversal bricks. (I hope its clear and an answer to your question :sweat_smile:)
I think the best is that the bricks are supposed to follow the curvature.

Thank you already for your time and help!

This maybe ?

GH file brick (28.7 KB)

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Ohh that looks great! But if I open the file I cant see the wall displayed in Rhino… :smiling_face_with_tear:


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Well, I feel stupid… but thank you so much!! this is exactly what I wanted! :star_struck:

Looks very nice but the projection method will fail (for a couple of reasons) with different curve inputs. Best to assume an arbitrary surface as the base. This is not a solution, only a demo. All code by @magicteddy with my white group added to present a reasonable case that fails.


brick wall (34.8 KB)

This code is seven years old now:

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P.S. With the exception of a few misplaced bricks and gaps in the brick pattern, your code works surprisingly well with my ‘Arc Crvs’ if you just use the lofted BaseSrf as input to Contour.

I’m touched by such an amount of faith in my coding skills :sweat_smile:

Better version below but still I think that the alignment of the perpendiular boxes could be improved.

GH file brick (21.6 KB)


I know you are good at it. Just trying to encourage you to play your ‘A’ game. :wink:

Bricks in Grasshopper has consumed a lot of my time over the years so I know many of the pitfalls.

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