Brick Structural Simulation


I would like to test the structural effects of perforating a tower of bricks. In the files (attached) the holes are existing windows - I am trying to first test the structural performance at its current state before adding additional perforations but I am unsure how to test masonry structures in Karamba. I found this thread (Masonry structures - Grasshopper) that helped me understand what properties to look at, but my script is not there yet. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you, Yoav

Water Tower.3dm (5.3 MB) Water (37.4 KB)

Did you see this reply on that subject yesterday?

Hi Joseph, thanks for this. I had a look. I am still unsure of the number of supports I should include and whether I should use an extrusion for the simulation or srfs and describe the thickness of the wall in cross-section. I attached where I am at this moment. Will continue to refine it. Thanks for the help.