Brick layout to excel

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I have created a script using image sampler to control the protrusions of the brick. Can you suggest for how to extract the brick laying or protrusions of each brick either in excel or note format, row wise or column wise such that it can be built on site.


BRICK (720.1 KB)

Not without seeing your code, geometry and data structure.

From your image, it appears that these “bricks” are not stacked in the conventional overlapping manner but instead, they are just a grid of rectangles (rows and columns) with each one assigned a protrusion value (zero to one?). Looks easy to me but that depends on your data structure.

Hi Joseph, sorry for a bad post. Please have a look at the attached image. It’s a normal header and stretcher bond.
(I have also attached the script in the original post).

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Have a look at the attachment…(If along x directions are columns…)

BRICK (1.4 MB)


That plugin apparently isn’t used?

So you have two sets (and sizes) of bricks: fixed (larger) and moving (smaller).

Fixed bricks:

Moving bricks:

I removed the ‘Flatten’ aspects of your code because data trees are lost:

BRICK (733.8 KB)

The only data you need is for the moving bricks, right? Using Flip Matrix (white group) swaps columns and rows but as you can see by disabling preview for the moving bricks and using the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool, there are two sets of branches consisting of alternate rows (columns?).

This could be fixed by weaving the branches together or… something… :man_shrugging:

P.S. By “or something”, I was thinking about reorganizing the way the bricks are created, which is not ideal anyway because it’s not fully parametric - it depends on four static rectangles that were created and positioned outside of this GH code.

I started playing with it but in the end, just used Weave and Flip Matrix at the beginning to organize the bricks in sequential rows, one branch per row (top view). Again, disable preview for the moving bricks to use the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ in the white group.

BRICK (737.9 KB)