Brick design

brick (12.9 KB)
brick design.3dm (444.8 KB)

Can not open.


brick design.rar (308.1 KB)
I attached everything I have done. also check this plz
brick (122.9 KB)

thank you for sending me your definitions but mine is different. can you help me with this?
brick design.rar (308.1 KB)

I’m done with bricks. It looks like yours are not following the curvature of your base surfaces. I would consider HFrames as the basis for each brick, so they are aligned with tangents at every point.

I didn’t get your point. can you edit my file and send it to me plz.
brick (122.9 KB)

What part of this don’t you understand?

I offered sincere advice about using HFrames for your bricks so they follow the tangents at each point of the contours (if you are using contours?).

No. I didn’t look at either of the files you posted, only your image.

when asking question there must be some question and some explanations !!!
What do you expect ?
Bricks following the surface or all bricks with the same orientation ?
@Joseph_Oster answers with some links that seems relevant to the subject. Did you look at them ? Why are they not relevant for your problem ?

Many people could help you but you must be a bit more precise.

hi dear
orientation of bricks is ok an d I did it in a way that I want. but rows of bricks reach to curvature surface they meet each other which is my question. how can I correct the file in a way that the orientation of bricks don’t change meanwhile the bricks don’t touch each other and the spaces between them remain same as the correct rows of bricks which has been shown in picture.

brick (122.9 KB)

If that is true, why the red X in your image? Your explanation doesn’t make sense to me, other than “I did it in a way that I want” which doesn’t seem to leave any room for suggestions.

the red cross means the orientation is right while the spaces not so the bricks in this area hit each other.
in the green area both orientation and space are right.

Ah, I see that now. Had to click on the image to see the overlap.

So the angle of the wall is effectively shortening the X and Y distances, causing the bricks to overlap.

yeah exactly. I don’t know how to fix this. can you check my script?

2023-09-19 13_21_25-
it seems you are looking for a function similar to this one ^ , but to work with squares instead of circles…

maybe. I don’t know how to use it and fix my script. can you look at my script?

I don’t think there is a simple fix for this and no, I won’t look at your script. You might want to consider this one though: (13.0 KB)

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I think @DanielPiker posted an example with colliding rectangles which should solve this problem but I cannot find it.

I’ve put up a script that iteratively place a square (rounded, if needed) on your curve, and check for next intersection, and go on.
It is probably easy to edit the code to make it work with a rectangle…
Made multithreaded, because why not.
Works only with planar XY curves. It doesn’t consider curve self-intersections. (34.8 KB)

… sorry I didn’t even download it … I did just go by looking at the pictures… :rofl:

PS it doesn’t seems a really stable “wall” to me :sweat_smile:

I remember it too, but couldn’t find either…

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