Breps joint and fillet edges

Good evening, I’m having trouble in merging different loft in a single brep 'cause the union is not so clean (photo). In addition I’d like to round the edges of the all shape (I tried to smooth the brep converted in mesh but it destroys the shape). Is there a solution? Thank’s.

modellazione FO (14.3 KB) modellazione FO algoritmo.3dm (637.9 KB)

You can just use the mesh surface component to get your required mesh refinement
modellazione FO (12.4 KB)

And for next time, you need only upload a gh file with internalized geometry. No need to add a 3dm file. This is much easier to work with as it is just 1 file

Many Thank’s is a huge help! Now I’ve to fillet edges properly.
Next time I’ll upload only the gh file, good to know.