Breps from Revit API Solids fail to Merge

I’m converting Revit API solids extracted from walls to Brep’s using the Rhino.Inside ToBrep() method then using MergeBreps() from RhinoCommon however it fails to merge the breps.

Initially, I thought this might be due to the fact the geometry touches but doesn’t overlap, however after drawing some basic cubes in Rhino manually to emulate this condition and manually joning the breps, it works, so I ruled out this as the problem.

Instead, I believe this may be a bug. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’ve attached a Dynamo script which performs what my app is performing (its written in C#) a simple brep conversion and merge which fails if you want to see this phenomenon for yourself - any pointers would be good. I’ve attempted all the various merge methods from the Brep class and all of them either fail or return the breps unmodified. Brep merge (1.9 KB)

Also, if you are testing this, remember to update your username to reference Rhino inside:

After further investigation the merge was working fine, it was just a case of merging co-planar faces extracted from the merged brep!