Breps cannot be trimmed or intersected

In my model, I found a lot of breps are not able to be trimmed( by other breps or curves ).
Does anyone have a similar issue before?
Attached the file…

BREP.3dm (67.5 KB)

Hi @Jack_Zeng,

You are working very far from the origin which can lead to many problems, especially on intersections


This might be the reason why, in your example file your curve and also the brep created from it are bad objects. (You can run the command _SelBadObjects to find those)

I did the following steps to make trimming work on your file:

  • Move everything closer to the origin
  • Ungroup your single curve twice
  • Explode the curve
  • Re-Join (Also check if it is still bad)
  • Delete original extrusion surface and re-create it from the now not bad curve
  • Trim

BREP.3dm (100.9 KB)

Hope to help…

Oh… I see, thanks lando