BrepBuilder error forcing SAT conversion of subD Revit Family

Twist issue.3dm (89.8 KB) Twist (11.9 KB)

After twisting the edge of a flat subD just a little, the following error occurs and the Revit family component becomes meshed and jagged instead of being NURBS.

Thanks for sharing the geometry.

I’ll take a look.

Today I studied the issue a bit more and realised that the jagged look may not be necessarily related. In fact, the generated family continues to look vectorial in sections and plans, it can be used for face-based walls, it looks fine when exporting to other software or when baking it back from Revit into Rhino as NURBS; basically seems to work perfectly, except for the low poly look in the Revit 3D view. But I am not sure what the component is complaining about and what problems could appear further on.

Note that Directshape gave the same error for me.

I’m facing a problem when pushing geometry from Rhino to Revit. I was wondering if anyone can help.

the error is the following:

and the geometry that I’m trying to push is the following buildings.

I would appreciate the help.
thank you.