Brep selection wires extraction

Hi everybody,

When I select a Brep Rhino shows yellow wires corrensponding to edges and mid isocurves of the object. I am doing this to get them :

For edges:

 for (int ed = 0; ed < brep->m_E.Count(); ed++) {
            const ON_Curve* crvedge = brep->Edge(ed)->EdgeCurveOf();

For the iso-curves

for (int bf = 0; bf < brep->m_F.Count(); bf++) {
        ON_Interval udomain = brep->m_F[bf].Domain(0);
        ON_Interval vdomain = brep->m_F[bf].Domain(1);
        ON_SimpleArray<ON_Curve*> iso_curves_u;
        ON_SimpleArray<ON_Curve*> iso_curves_v;
        int numIsoCurvesU = brep->m_F[bf].GetIsoCurves(1, udomain.Mid(), iso_curves_u);
        int numIsoCurvesV = brep->m_F[bf].GetIsoCurves(0, vdomain.Mid(), iso_curves_v);
        for (int uc = 0; uc < numIsoCurvesU; uc++) {...

I would like to speed up the process, especially for the isolines. Are these wires cached anywhere in the Brep object so I can quickly get them?


Hi @gennaro,

You might see if using CRhinoBrepObject::GetWireframeCurves is any faster.

– Dale


this is what I needed. Thanks!