Brep preview mesh density in display conduit

Hi there,

when i draw a brep in a custom display conduit using args.Display.DrawBrepShaded(brep, mat) how can i control the mesh density used inside the conduit ? It does not seem to use my document mesh settings. Below shows 2 breps, the gray one is too coarse so i would like to change it:


Hi @clement,

If the Brep does not have a cached render mesh, then the pipeline will generate a coarse one and save it onto the Brep.

The solution is to generate Brep’s render mesh before drawing it.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

Thanks, i used RhinoObject.CreateMeshes() before in another script, but this time my breps are not part of the document, they only are shown in the conduit while it is active. I wonder if i could access the “coarseness” of the pipeline somehow ?


@Dale, i’ve found a way to control the mesh density using brep_face.SetMesh().


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