Brep Join gives unwanted/redundant geometry

Brep Join gives unwanted_redundant (26.3 KB)

As titled. The Brep Join gives unexpected results as shown in the pictures.
I don’t understand why.

Picture 1 is before joining. Picture 2 is after Brep Join.

Hi -

By just looking at this, I would have said that the title of this topic and the file is probably wrong. Opening that gh file here probably confirms that.

There is no redundant geometry being created. You are likely looking at display mesh artifacts that are Rhino document-specific.


Thank you! You are right.
It is indeed a display problem. After I changed it to High Quality, the “wrong geometry” disappeared.

Oh, No…
It didn’t solve the problem.
But I found toggle between Disable Meshing and Low Quality/High Quality(sometimes between Low Quality and High Quality) option can solve this.
Disable Meshing will make the artifact appear every time, and toggle to Low Quality or High Quality will make them disappear.

It is indeed a display problem, but not sure why…