Brep is Invalid, it's log shows at below. What does it mean?

“ON_Brep.m_T[70].m_type = ON_BrepTrim::seam but m_iso is not N/E/W/S_iso.”

Often it means that the trims are messed up on one or more of the component faces of the Brep.

I am facing the same problem.
I am using a bunch of closed and adjacent polysurfaces to create rooms for honeybee simulations.
The intersect solids component is outputting geometry with this same error. I have tried remodelling manually and making the breps as simple as I can but cant seem to shake of this error.
would appreciate if someone can tell me any good practices i can follow to avoid it or potential fixes for this erorr.

Hi Srujan -

I take it you are not looking into modifying the code in the Ladybug tools?
It sounds like this question is better asked here:

Hey @wim , thanks for getting back.

No I am not looking to modify the code yet. I will ask the question on the ladybug forum