Hello All,

I am making Surfaces from a list of edge curves.
I seem to be getting unpredictable UV directions for my surfaces.

I though that the UV would be determined by the order and direction of the list of curves.
Is there some other factor that I am not considering?

Currently, I have my list of curves setup as follows:
Curve[0] ends at the start of Curve[1]
Curve[1] ends at the start of Curve[2]
Curve[2] ends at the start of Curve[3]
Curve[3] ends at the start of Curve[0]

I pass that list to Brep.CreateEdgeSurface(curves).
Sometimes the UV is as expected, sometimes it isn’t…

I am thinking about comparing the resulting UV corner points of my surface to check if they match my Curve Endpoints then flip/transpose as needed to make the correct adjustments to the surface.

Is there a better approach? I haven’t found any details on how the List of Curves makes the Surface.
Any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Hi @jake1,

The underlying function does automatiially sort and order yoru input curve, even trimming if necessary, before generating the Coons patch. I’m not sure I can provide any addition tip, other than what youare already considering.

– Dale