Brep - Brep intersection to joined volume

Hi guys! I am developing a parametric window blind definition where I’m looking to have some straps in the center that holds together my window blinds.

The blinds are quite flexible, they can have different bending, rotation, width etc, and the straps can be multiplied along the blinds, which is why I need a flexible way to solve this definition.

The way I’ve done it now is I’ve used vertical strap “rails” that I created into volumes that intersect with my window blinds. I’ve used Brep - Brep intersection to find the end points of the intersection. I am hoping to join these into a strap, but I cannot find a way forward. What would you recommend that is flexible enough that it adapts when the straps multiply?

In image 4, this is the result I’m looking for!

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

I can’t see the exact data tree but this is how you can create the outer stripe:

1- get the corner points using discontinuity (you did that) you should end up with 4 points in every branch.
2- sort these points (clockwise) either along a circle or use the plugin Duck from food4rhino.
3- flip matrix to turn the data tree into four branches with many points in each branch.(or use list item with a flattened output)
4- sort the tree to start drawing polylines along the output .

It can be easier for everyone if you can share a portion of your definition.

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Hi, thank you for your quick reply!

Of course, I am sorry, I am very new to grasshopper so I was feeling a bit embarrassed by the messy definition, but I’ve extracted some and I’ll share it here. I also added some breps and lines for display purpose, they don’t quite add up with what I showed earlier, but I guess it’s easy to play around with for an expert!

Thank you!
Strap issue for GH (20.7 KB)

I find it the easiest way to do it without re-writing your script is just to use a convex hull on your flattened point.

I generally suggest to minimize using Brep to Brep intersections in the future and try to use more Point or Math intersection so your script can run faster.

Let me know if you have any questions

Strap issue for GH (19.1 KB)

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That is brilliant!

Since I posterd, I managed to produce a good enough solution, but the script, as you say, is running slowly and I’ve resorted to Data dams. For now it works as an exercise, but I thank you for the workflow tips for future reference!

Best wishes,

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