Brep Boolean success based on selection order

When single-picking the 2 breps in BooleanFail.3dm (322.3 KB) for
_BooleanUnion, _BooleanDifference, _BooleanIntersection, _BooleanSplit, and _Boolean2Objects,
the order of selection affects whether the operation passes or fails in V6 and V7.18, but the operation is always successful in V5 and the WIP.

Will the WIP’s fix please be applied to V7?

Thank you

Hi Steve - my guess is that will not happen - just a guess, but I suppose the developer felt the fix was large or involved enough to be risky in V7. That said, I do not know if there is even a specific fix that handles this or it just works better as a result of fixes elsewhere…


I checked a few issues for Booleans in YouTrack but wasn’t sure which ones, if any, were referring to the same problem.

I just discovered for this model that _Intersect produces either 1 or 2 curves depending on the order of the single picks.

Also, none of the Booleans fails in V7 produces text dots.

Yeah… the edge tolerances are higher than file tolerance (What command) , I suppose that is at least part of the problem - testMarkOTEdges finds that edge as well, where the intersection is split up.

Just in the name of science, I merged the two fillets along the bottom of the red object - the edge between them is right on that green object intersection - and now the BU works in both directions.