Hi @nathanletwory! Is Cycles using BRDF or BSDF?


BSDF, which is a superset of BRDF. Se of the materials are internally realized with a shader graph built on the Principled BSDF, as proposed by Disney (PBR). In V7 there will likely a bigger move towards a general material definition based on this PBR method…

Thanks! I was just curious… :slight_smile:


Sure, what better way to satisfy curiosity than to ask :slight_smile: I just thought I’d elaborate a bit at the same time ^.^

I first read about the BSDF illumination modelling function (or whatever it’s officially called) on the Maxwell forum a long time ago and I was a bit confused when reading about BRDF… Isn’t it true that in order to have SSS you have to use BSDF. BRDF is only for opaque materials, right?


BRDF is about the reflective component, for SSS you need indeed both reflective and transmissive (BSTF) components. BSDF essentially combines these.

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