Hi @nathanletwory! Is Cycles using BRDF or BSDF?


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BSDF, which is a superset of BRDF. Se of the materials are internally realized with a shader graph built on the Principled BSDF, as proposed by Disney (PBR). In V7 there will likely a bigger move towards a general material definition based on this PBR method…


Thanks! I was just curious… :slight_smile:


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Sure, what better way to satisfy curiosity than to ask :slight_smile: I just thought I’d elaborate a bit at the same time ^.^


I first read about the BSDF illumination modelling function (or whatever it’s officially called) on the Maxwell forum a long time ago and I was a bit confused when reading about BRDF… Isn’t it true that in order to have SSS you have to use BSDF. BRDF is only for opaque materials, right?


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BRDF is about the reflective component, for SSS you need indeed both reflective and transmissive (BSTF) components. BSDF essentially combines these.