Brazil's Usability


I thought I would post this as it’s kind of a unique project for me. I tend to do more graphic design oriented projects.

A Spiral Refrigerator unit down to it’s bolts and fasteners rendered in Brazil at high res. It’s really the only rendering solution I would attempt this sort of thing with. VRay may very well handle the project just fine but I am not as familiar with it’s ins and outs. My graphics cards don’t have sufficient ram to attempt Arion as the project file was 1.4 gigs.

Brazil would continuously crash on me, at higher res’ until I turned down the threads a little. Seems ‘auto’ would run the processor at 100%, something Brazil did not like at all at upped res. Once down to 5-6 threads everything was fine and I could finish the project. I was running at about 75% CPU power.

All in all the project turned out quite well.

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What sort of size image are we talking about here? And I assume you’re using 64-bit Brazil, right?

  • Andy


maybe giving some objects an individual mesh - like the scews. this way you could reduce the file size. i guess you were already using blocks?

you could also post this in the gallery


My machine has 32 Gigs of ram… running 64 bit Rhino/Brazil with a 1.4 gig project and threads set to Auto, the largest I could render with 1X2 Over-sampling was 1500 X 1200 without crashing to the desktop. With Over-sampling set to -1 X 1, I could squeeze it up to 2000 X 1500. I was able to render out 4000 X 3000 pixels at 1X2 Over-sampling by turning down the threads to 5. It may have worked with 6 or 7 but I was so thrilled to actually be able to finish the project I didn’t breath on any of the settings:-) All I know is Brazil did not like high res at high sampling rate with CPU running at 100% on a project this large.


Truthfully, the imported project came in set up in Blocks. But the spoolling time for rendering was impossibly long. After waiting and waiting and waiting I would force quit as it became unnaturally long even with most objects turned off. And with Brazil I didn’t know how to set new materials for the block objects. Regardless of assigning new Brazil materials to them, they just rendered out as white. I ended exploding all of the block objects into surfaces and poly surfaces, grouping them as needed and I could actually render from then on out.

Probably user error, but Blocks and Brazil seem to not go very well together.