Brazil vs Neon, why is Neon brighter?


Hi @andy
Why is Neon brighter than Brazil?
I use two rectangular lights in the scene.


(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Send me the file ( and I’ll tell you.

  • Andy


Ok, just give me an hour… I was so stupid that I clicked on print while I was in the perspective view… and then the printerstuff wants Neon to calculate the view at a high resolution… with no way to cancel.

I had earlier today printed with the pen mode so the printer was sat up to use bitmap in stead of vector.

That needs to be fixed. We both need an option to print the already calculated view at a given size, with out recalculation, and/or have the option to cancel the calculation.


Ok, I killed it and trusted the autosave :smile:
A slimmed down version is on it’s way.


(Andrew le Bihan) #5

I’m getting very similar results in Brazil and Neon with that file. I don’t have the HDR so I had to replace it with one of my own.