Brazil Library

I downloaded this brazil_libary_2121214 prior to getting my Rhino5, after installing Rhino5 I opened this file it did its magic but I have no clues as to where this library went. Hope someone can tell me where to find it.

Thank you in advance

All my best … Danny

Hi Danny,

Are you not able to find materials on your computer but they are still working in files where you had assigned them? If so, open the file and look at any texture maps local address within a material in the editor. This should show you the spot your library is saved to.

I do know where the materials are saved in fact I have one place on my C drive and one on the D I keep all data on a separate drive so if I redo an image I don’t lose any new materials. It looks like there are more materials in these folders I just assumed there would be more. I know what do you expect for free!! Ha Ha

Thanks for your quick answer

All my best … Danny