Brazil Bottles

I finished up a fun project showing off the wrap-around labelling created by some design associates I work with. I thought it turned out quite well.

Rendered with Brazil 4 Rhino 2.0.

Nice render PaulS, what was you’re technique for the water beads? Geometry or material?

Thanks. I exported the bottles to Electric Image and used a pluggin there to generate the geometry. Then exported the drops back into Rhino and rendered there.

Nice. My only critique would be that the amount of water drops seems a bit much and starts to distract a bit. Not much, but just a thought.

Paul, I’d love to see what you get with Neon without changing any settings.

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Here’s what it looks like in Neon. The caps are over bright (but I could adjust them to look right) and the transparency is darker. I know the ‘transparent shadows’ has been worked on but it still seems to be too dark. There is no reflection distance fall-off so had to make the floor solid black (other-wise the env reflections would be picked up in it) and then just added the floor from the previous illustration. Other than that it seems to be pretty good!

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Absolutely gorgeous as usual!

So this is just to criticize for the sake of it:
And I am with Heath, the drops get a bit too much attention (IMHO). It would be interesting to see the same rendering with out them, then blended at 50% in Photoshop to give them a bit less reflection and attention. I would also love to see the rendering with dept of field so the middle bottle stands out slightly more than the others. But I might be totally off on these “gut-feelings”

Thanks for sharing, your work is always top notch and inspirational.

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Thanks! Criticize all you want…it’s finished and time to move onto something else:-)

I went back and forth with more, less, smaller, larger and this is where everything felt right so this is where it stays. The DoF would be nice but part of the project was to show-off the seamless wrap-around label and the DoF would just get in the way of that…and I needed to use a pretty hefty telephoto lens to keep the perspective distortion down for legibilty purposes. And you know what happens with telephoto lens and DoF.

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Sounds like well thought through decisions as usual Paul, and being able to finish a project and move on is what makes the Pro stand out from the crowd.


The transparency problems are actually caused by an error in the point light emission which we fixed a week or so ago and posted a dujour build here:

As soon as I get a couple of other fixed wrapped up, I will post this as Neon 1.0 SR2.

_ Andy

That fixed it alright! Here’s how it looked re-rendered with the fix.

Interestingly, it also seems to have fixed the caps.

But I notice that the reflections on the bottles of the HDR are not as strong. I wonder if that has to do with the changes you made (?) in the ground plane. I’d be very interested in looking into that too.

The caps problem has to do with the lack of diffusion support in Neon - the caps have a non-standard (ie - not 0.5) diffusion value. Diffusion in Brazil simulates phenomena like retroreflection (moon-like albedo effects) - and probably shouldn’t have been used for the caps anyway…

Amazing PaulS. :wink: