Branching system from polyline?

Hi everyone,

I am currently working with some branching systems. In an attempt to make things a little more interesting I am trying to make each generation depend on each successive segment of a polyline.

This idea is as follows:

  • Branching system of 3 segments. (one straight two angled).
  • Red = initial polyline.
  • Each generation rotates according to the rotation of the corresponding segment on the polyline.

This is my current model, what is basically happening is that a new straight tree is emerging from each discontinuity point on the polyline. How would I go about making each generation obey the rotation of the main central path?

Thanks for any insight. (13.4 KB)

If instead of giving him all the segments you give him those with high curvature, wouldn’t you have what you want? or have I misunderstood the question?

Hi Dani, mmm I think you misunderstood me… I made some progress but still not quite there:

I made it so each generation follows the direction of each segment of the red polyline, but that resulted in the blues lines being parallel to the red segment, when what I want is for the angles of rotation to be the same. (12.4 KB)