BoxMorphObject still not available ?(Python)

hi guys. any idea when the function of BoxMorphObject is available in rhinoscriptsyntax? I have been waiting for it long time,
I was told SpaceMorph is the way to go in Rhinocommon(Python), could any one help me get on with it or send me
some examples, thank you so much for the help.

There is an example in C#. You should be able to convert it to Python if needed.

Does this help?

thank you so much, my friend, I will check it out :slight_smile:

Hi Dale, thank you for the code,however,I am not very familiar with C#,
I tried the c# to python converter as well,which does not work well, would you
like to provide a python one explainning how Rhino.SpaceMorph works as boxmorphing in grasshopper.
thank you again.

Try this:

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haha,that’s great, big thanks,man

Hi @dale,
SamplePy repository has been deleted. Is it possible to show again the whole “” script please?

The samples have been consolidated in one repository, the script you are looking for lives now here:

Check the repository for all the other samples, too.


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BoxMorph and Twisted Boxes are not part of Rhinocommon because they are from David Rutten and are defined in Grasshopper itself in the Transform.gha (they are not available even in the grasshopper SDK). I use C# so dunno about Python but I made a plug-in that has a bunch of twisted box components called Pufferfish. I was able to access the class by referencing grasshoppers Transform.gha into my visual studio project. They are the namespace called “SquishyXMorphs”



These are the pufferfish components I made with them.

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Thank you for pointing out to the new repository @nathanletwory!
@dale, @stevebaer, is it possible to add a new function rs.BoxMorph in future to rhinoscriptsyntax, based on

Thank you for the reply @Michael_Pryor!

Hi @djordje,

I believe this is part of this work:

– Dale

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