BoxEdit > Brilliant

Have just discovered ‘BoxEdit’. This tool is so useful for checking and changing sizes. Its brilliant. Any chance this could be integrated into the sidebar ? Even if its just the x and y dimensions that are displayed in the 'objects’ panel this would be a huge help and time saver.

For anyone who has used Vectorworks before this tool will feel super familiar

At some point it will have its own panel, it already does in Rhino for Windows, so the code and principles are there, I think it’s just a matter of coding the gui interface - which has always been one of the major hurdles in porting Rhino to Mac.


Thanks Mitch. It does have it’s own panel but as I think I will use it so much was wondering if it could be added to the sidebar (as one of the 'inspector panels’). As then would not need to have an additional window open

Ah, OK, I forgot, it’s been awhile since I’ve used BoxEdit in Mac Rhino. Yeah, the Windows panel is dockable, so I suppose it might also make it into the Mac sidebar one day… @dan?

Yeah, I can see where this would be useful. I’m not sure what the plans are for modeless windows like this one, vis-a-vis inspectors. I don’t think that “just making an exception for BoxEdit” is going to fly here, even though the technical implementation might not be hard to special case just that command. But, as you might guess, we need a way for plugins to add inspectors to the sidebars, which is a larger issue. (spoiler alert: It won’t likely be tear-off dockable panels a la Windows or Adobe products.)

That said, I’ve added this to the heap so we don’t forget to address it in Rhino 6 for Mac (MR-2918).

Thanks for the update Dan.

One huge benefit of the BoxEdit is the ability to quickly check a dimension by just selecting it. Measuring an object can sometimes be fiddly if there are lots of lines which means one has to zoom into the object. And then run a function like ‘length’, not sure if there is one for getting x and y of a rectangle ?

Am sure this is massively complicated but if one had the basic x, y and z info in the ‘objects’ sidebar this would be a big time saver. Think it would also feel natural to have an objects dimensions along with the other basic info > layer, display colour etc.(and still have BoxEdit to manipulate object) Anyway just a thought ! Am sure there are different opinions on this.

Of course, this works only if the objects are aligned in the XYZ principal planes… --Mitch

Ah ok. Think I’ll use it most for 2D work though

Should mention that where I see it the whole checking dimensions being useful is when one receives a set of drawings from a consultant, contractor or client (as well as creating new a drawing)

When receiving architectural floor plans for an existing building one ends up spending quite a while checking the various areas. Also, when receiving shop drawings from a contractor. Although usually PDF’s sometimes its good to have the DWG and again you end up checking dimensions. Or if you download a DWG of a piece of furniture / window profile / bathtub etc. They are not usually dimensioned when you import them and you want to quickly check the size.