BoxEdit annoynace

Such a great tool it could be if not for constant twitches and freezes.
One of the most annoying and work-stopping things though is the non-optional “live” preview that is slow if objects are transformed individually (try with more than 100), that kicks in after typing every single digit.
To repeat:
make array of 20 x 20 boxes, run BoxEdit (make sure to use Transform Individually) - then try scaling them down by 0.995. - 3 times long freeze just to type the number. Can’t even type somewhere else and paste into that field as BoxEdit gets confused on Paste and just shuts down. Maybe we can have the Preview optional? (a checkbox), or the preview kick in only once we tab-out of typing the entire value?



hello, is PaperCuts category monitored at all? (does it make sense to report anything here?)
Seems like it was a good idea but I feel like anything posted here may be just getting lost.
(bugs and small workflow improvement ideas - I guess that was the goal of this…).


I think Papercuts means: “this is, like, a tiny little bit annoying, but I’m totally fine if you guys never fix this”

You have to up your game Jarek! Throw some good adjetives in there like ‘unacceptable’, ‘shitshow’, ‘completely useless’, ‘unprofessional’ and all that good stuff. We want to hear some drama by others than just myself!




FWIW shitshow is a noun. Your usage of linguistic terminology is UNacceptable.

Maybe we should change the name to “vent here, nobody cares anymore” ?

I hate paper cuts (in real life) - they are small but hurt a lot, and I found this category name very appropriate. And now looked at it’s description as Bob puts it:

I thought of it as a place for “small” problems - either bugs that are not making the work impossible but get in the way over time, or just tool concept problems or usability issues - many times you only know the pain of the “small problem” if you do real work in Rhino, 12 h / day (devs don’t, so easy to miss these) and the same small thing repeated 100s of times snowballs into a bigger issue (like the one I started this topic with).

Now going OT about the category itself and other things that Gustavo brought up:

I know! Yours are at least fun to read and entertaining! I don’t like drama and try to avoid it here, but I have to admit that recently I have been observing a trend on Discourse that those who are loud and (c.)rude actually get what they ask for. A few examples (if anyone cares to read these topics):

Is that really what we are encouraged to do now? I know that’s the way things seem to be in the world these days anyway but I was hoping here we could keep it a bit better than that. It is actually much harder to stay cool and for the 10th time explain the issue, document with examples and step-by-step instructions how to repeat the problem than just curse and demand fixing (which is always very tempting to do, too).

So, Gustavo, I probably will not go for the adjectives, but rather limit my involvement here.
Sorry I could not be funny or rude to grab attention and entertain everyone this time !


I don’t think I am loud and rude but I a reasonable fraction of my requests are implemented, including two in the most recent WIP.

I tried this when you posted but got distracted with my own buglist. It is indeed horrible to use with a sizeable amount of selected objects. I forgot to log back then, so I did just now:

I appreciate your tone and input Jarek. Please don’t change to rude and attention grabbing tactics.

This category is monitored, but as you’ve noticed we sometimes make mistakes and miss items.

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FWIMW a shitshow is a shitshow, and everything goes. :crazy_face:

Nooooo!!! You are too valuable here. You can’t do that! You have so much insight, knowledge, great experience working with all things vector, cameras, views, massive shitshow files, OpenGL issues, viewmodes, and all your array of knowledge that’s much thicker that a flatworm.

If all you need is a bit of drama, I’ll be your lobbyist. Confession: I have organically grown a group of special interest users who contact me offline, privately to ask me to pander and scream about their favorite papercut. It’s one of those business that grew very organically, no idea why :rofl:

I’m thinking about starting a Rhino Users’ Union. We could have local chapters, events, motorcycle rides, we can all go on customer sites tours, and even on rides of Celeste, @Jess’s boat.

I agree with Steve here. A lot of paper cuts have been addressed, but we have to keep in mind that there are sooo many of them. And not because Rhino is bad or anything, there are so many tools, commands, workflows, use cases, user types, there’s just so much of everything. So this is understandable.

@Jarek, regarding this particular problem of performance, I think I also brought it up. Not sure of her win the forum or privately to Pascal. In my case was trying to update a bunch of cylinders used as cutters for speaker perf patterns. It’s a problem that we encounter a lot of we have to change slighting their diameter. We have even gone out of our way to avoid using this otherwise super simple method for size editing.

I think as BoxEdit takes another pass of refinement there’s a lot of things that could be improved. I’ve been very vocal about how this tool is under-developed. It has improved but still has a lot of flaws and limitations.

For me it’s biggest limitation right now (before the performance issue you mentioned for many objects) is that it does not work in subobjects. Especially useful in polygonal workflows where you want to control exactly the size/alignment/scaling of a selection of poly faces/edges/vertices. Of course all this polygon work applies equally to SubD, but since SubDs in Rhino are ‘Special’ I can’t even imagine the extra burden of performance this will bring. …this gets me to a very emotional topic to me, so I better stop. There’s a full workday ahead.

Let’s hope your papercut gets fixed soon!


Ok, I’ll leave the NorthSea, going down Biscaya, crossing the Atlantic, through the Panama canal and up the west coast… collecting everyone’s papercuts on the way. After mooring in Seatle we storm up Woodland Park Ave towards McNeel…

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Can we make Celeste take a detour up the LA River to pickup Jarek?

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No Problem if we can meet halfway :wink: