Box Morph onto Trimmed Surface; somehow referring to pre-trimmed surface?

Hey All,

This is really confusing me:

  • I have got two intersecting surfaces
  • Then trim both surfaces to share a common seam
  • The new surfaces appear perfectly fine (bake tested)
  • And I construct box morph geom onto new surfaces

… but somehow the box morph builds according to original surface

I have attached the extract from my definition, and some screenshots to illustrate the issue.

As far as I can see, none of the box morph components link to the original surfaces, but somehow they refer to them instead of the trimmed ones.

Any advice or assistance would be really appreciated.


JJC. (164.7 KB)

You’ll need to turn your trimmed surface into “Untrimmed Surface”.
Every trimmed surface retains information about its underlying surface geometry.

And unfortunately, Some Rhino commands work only with untrimmed surfaces(Single Surface) such as “Isotrim” “Divide Domain2+SurfaceBox” like you did in GH. (197.0 KB)

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You’re the best!

Thank you so much.