Box mapping different in a block


At our office we use Rhino to make drawigns of modular wooden buildings. Recently we have tried to stop using 2d representations for floorplans and sections and want to move to 3d only. In order to do that we have tried to make hatches by using a a box map with a pattern. This works very well, except that it does not work in blocks. Somehow, everytime we make a block, it seems to reset the zero point of your texture mapping. I don’t know if this is a bug, or serves a purpose, but for us it means that we have to make many extra drawings and it takes a lot of time.


In a block:

Would it be possible to make the texture mapping work the same inside and outside of blocks?


Dear developers,

To clarify,

  • The above textures are created by a Clipping Plane with the display setting Show Fills turned on with the ‘Render material’ selected.
  • All the unique block elements have a different box mapping.
  • The clipping plane location varies depending on the drawing (floorplan, section, etc.)
  • The box-mapping on the ‘outside’ of the mesh work perfectly in a block

My conclusion is that in both Rhino 6 and 7, the Clipping Plane - Show Fills - Texture material shows a different texture behavior between a mesh and an identical mesh within a block. This is clearly visible in my example file when you move the objects with the render display turned on.

Clippingplane_Boxmapping.3dm (90.4 KB)
Clippingplane_Boxmapping_Rh6.3dm (85.4 KB)

My guess is that the clipping plane texture fill ignores the texture XYZ position once it’s in a block.

I hope this helps.