Box fillet faces after fillet corners

I learned the beginning of this technique from this great tutorial, which works great for filleting a face with no adjacent fillets. But what I am trying to do is fillet a box at its vertical corners only first, then fillet the top and bottom faces’ perimeters with a smaller radius. I’m getting unexpected results, as you can see in my attached file, the corners are not filleting.

I suspect that someone on here will see right through my problem, please help!

BTW, I am able to do it if I enter the edges via manual data entry into “set multiple integers” in the fillet node, but not getting the automated technique to work.


fillet (11.9 KB) (18.6 KB)

Here is a more ‘automated’ solution: (18.1 KB)

Ah, very nice on both versions. I think the second version is better for its simplicity. Obviously the first you made mine work with the least modifications, and the second, a more elegant way, doing it with one fillet node with 2 sets of inputs, are they called nodes in grasshopper? That’s what I’ve seen similar called in other programs.

Thank you very much Mahdiyar.

I still don’t quite understand why my version produced the results that it did instead of what I expected, but not too surprised as I’m just starting my grasshopper journey! I can’t wait until I’m as proficient with GH as I am with solidworks, which I’ve been using over 10 years, with another 10 years of autocad before that. GH is so great though, can’t wait to get really good! :slight_smile:

I guess here it’s more common to call them Components.

If I’m not mistaken, the problem is related to tolerance. CreateSet component only works if the location of the points were exactly the same.

Interesting, I was about to type that maybe or maybe not I would experiment with adding some tolerance to experiment, when I noticed the numbers are swapped from one set to the other. Regardless, not very important. Thank you again for providing multiple solutions, I really appreciate it.