Box Edit -- small but slightly annoying possible bug

In Box Edit, if I enter a new value for ‘size’ and then enter a new value for ‘position’ and only then hit ‘Apply’, the changes to ‘size’ will be lost and only the new ‘position’ will be applied. The ‘bug’ is that if you don’t hit Apply after your ‘size’ edits before moving on to ‘position’ edits (or vice versa), only the last-changed set of values will stick.

I’d call this a bug, but maybe it’s intentional? For me it’s a tiny bit annoying because I get on a roll, do all my edits, hit Apply at the end, and then find only the later edits applied. I do learn to compensate for this behavior, but not always. Not a big deal, but if there’s a fix, that would be a nice little refinement.