Box Edit scale to Zero

I am wondering if it’s possible to update the box edit function so it can scale objects individually to 0 about their bounding boxes?

Often, I create closed curves in plan, then project them onto a surface. Then I’d flatten them, planarsrf, then extrude to give solid on the surface plane.
currently, boxedit doesn’t seem to be able to do this, but the gumball can.


SetPt can be used to scale objects to zero size in one, two or three directions.

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Hi David,

SetPT is useful for when you want to universally adjust a group of objects to Zero. But this idea is to set each object or group of objects to scale to 0 around their bounding boxes for selected axes.

If I have 5000 non-planar closed curves, and want to scale them individually to 0 in the Z axis, it seems that grasshopper’s scaleNU or a custom script is the only way.