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Just wanted to add 2 cents. New to this forum, so if I need direction, it’s welcomed!

Using the Box Edit tool to “Align” multiple objects by position, is handy. The new Bob Edit wont accept a “Zero” value in the position field to start. I have to enter some numerical value first, then return to zero.

So, multiple solids in different “Y” planes. Select all and run box edit. Use the local cplane and transform individuals, and set the option use bounding box to be “Center”.

Type zero into position Y field. Nothing happens. Type 1 and objects position is moved to 1 as expected. Now type zero and objects transform to zero as expected.

Zero should be an acceptable value on first entry…


Yeah, I agree this seems somewhat odd - note at the start, and if you click the spinner arrows on first selecting the objects, the Position is shown as delta (triangle, = change) and not absolute; if you type in a number it becomes an absolute coordinate. As I recall there was quite a bit of back and forth about this at some point but I do not recall where that ended up or why, exactly. I’ll ask the developer to jog my memory. (Meantime, the Align command may be helpful).


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Thanks Pascal,
I’ll slowly start to see what goes by and proper places to post things!