Box Edit Bounding Box for Blocks

When using box edit on a block the bounding box includes all the layers including the dimension and construction layers, ie the whole block whether the layers are on or not, so is it possible to get an accurate centre?

Hi Ra - Hmmm - the block instance must be transformed as a whole of course unless you’re in BlockEdit… are you suggesting that the box edit box should only be calculated on the visible elements of the block, even if the result is applied to the block as a whole, or that only visible parts of the block should be transformed? Can you post a simple example ‘before’ and ‘after’?


We use box edit to position our blocks in our model. All our blocks are flat for CNC cutting.
Currently our workaround is to create a symmetrical boundary around each block so the boxedit centre is 0,0,0. This seems unintuitive, when placing the blocks it would be intuitive to disregard the construction and dimensions layers and use the boundary of the object only. But we’ve got used to it now😊