Bouteille Rémy Martin


comment reproduire cette bouteille en 3D, si certains ont des idées je suis preneur.
D’avance Merci!

(Jakob Normand) #2

Rémy Martin does a LOT of different bottles - I think you need to be a bit more specific, if you want anyone to chime in. Maybe a picture or what you have so far in terms of 3D/sketches?

HTH, Jakob


I had downloaded a picture but it didn’t appear…
I managed it anyway.
Thanks for the heads up :wink:

(Pascal Golay) #4

When I need reference bottles of Remy and similar, I almost always find it way better, for some reason, to work off of an actual bottle, than from an image…



Pacal, would that bottle happen to be full or empty?

(Pascal Golay) #6

I need to test more, to make sure, but so far I much prefer the results when the bottle starts out full.



I’ve heard many chefs use a similar technique in their cooking.


now you heated us up with some remy martin and we dont even know
which one you had enjoyed yourself so much :wink:


Pascal must just be getting started on this one,

That is a pretty fancy bottle, pretty fancy price too I bet!

13,300 Euro! And it looks like the devil has already taken his share!émy-martin-4762


and ends up empty :wink:

somebody at least has 78 years of drinking to catch up on this one for sure.