Boundingbox set to preferred direction

I’m trying to script ‘a boudingbox to certain direction,’ the boundingbox does not direct with a face in the direction of the blue line, it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your response.

20181012 problem boundingbox correct direction (20.6 KB)

20181012 problem boundingbox correct direction (19.5 KB)

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Thank you Rickson!

invalid points to construct the plane

Yeah, shortly after I typed that I found it.

Hm, somehow my script does not work completely.
I was looking for a shorter script, however, this was the only one I achieved successfully.

The theory is of what I want to achieve is a ‘rotate on the floor thing’ and than a ‘climb rotate upwards.’
Do you know one component that can achieve that?

If so, I will try to figure it out how it must work by myself.

Transform Matrix??

Personally i would probably rotate a plane.

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Thank you. Yeah, sorry, I cannot handle rotate plane, I never could, but this must then be the moment I learn it.

Sorry for asking.

Ah, indeed, just rotate. What a relief, and thank you again.

:grin: :

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