Bounding surfaces in Panelling Tools

Hi PT-super users and @rajaa

I’m just getting into PT and have a question - sorry if it’s been asked before, but I just failed to find it here on Discourse. I’m looking into the ptPanel3DCustomVariable command, and was wondering, if it is possible to use bounding surfaces (as seen in the ptPanel3DCustom command) in order to smooth the transistion between panels - matching the curvature of the bounding surface(s)?

The example to left is made with ptPanel3DCustomVariable - based on 3 different modules - and the right is made with ptPanel3DCustom - based on a single module.

TIA, Jakob

I don’t think it is. @rajaa Please correct me if I’m wrong.

@Normand This is not supported at this time. Will add to the list.

Hi there,

Although not supported in the ptPanel3DCustomVariable command, if using Panelling Tools through Grasshopper there are options to have smooth morphing.