Bounding... skin?

I have been given a fairly heavy model with a lot of component parts. I only really need the outer “skin” of the assembly, in order to calculate volumes for plaster casting. Is there a way to create a simple outer skin or mesh which covers the model (like it has been vacuum packed!) but miss out the details and components within? Almost like a bounding box but with more detail.

Hi Dave, Are their parts pickable? You may have to do it manually , only leaving the outer skin. Then you will need to see if it is joinable and a solid. Then you can get your volumes needed. —- Mark


Ah Drape is a new one to me, that’s pretty close to what I’m after. It’s not quite defined enough but it’s in the right ballpark. Thanks

Hi Dave - is the outer skin a series of joined faces? There could be some different things to try here but I need to understand better what you’ve got.