Boundary of 2d Curve object

It’s not my fault that they have such extreme tolerances and spend’s so much time for calculations. :laughing:

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Hi Daniel - .001 mm should be fine for most things of this scale.


@Gijs’s suggestion with using Vectorize works quite well and could be the fastest method for a very complex models. Just make sure you capture the view large enough to pick up all the details.
Nice idea! thanks Gijs, this will be useful in many cases.



Yes I do like that method.
I’m just struggling to setup the display mode correctly to get a perfect result.

Clipper may give you another option for doing this. Use clipper to create offsets and offset or tween curves the results back to the desired boundary.

Hi Dan,

Here is a mode that should show everything as black on a white background"
ALPHABLACK.ini (13.4 KB)

You can ViewCaptureToFile with some really high resoultion (or viewport size but Scale x 4 or more), probably around 8K pix dimention, and then use Vectorize to get the outline from the image.

This probably can be semi-automated with some script, too.




@DanV then once you have the outline, and your make2d drawing, Run _Boundingbox around the resulting top view for your scale reference, do the same with the vectorized drawing and use these to move and scale the outline exactly in place.

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Hi Jarek,

Thank you for the file share, when I use it I get the result as shown below:

Normal Wireframe:


It seems to not show as black (still there but as white)

Any advise?

@Gijs, I will try the command as soon as I have the Image sorted

@Jarek, I figured it out. It was a small setting that needed to change on my side.

I just had to untick the texture box.

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Back to the roots
Lower your tolerance as Willem suggested, 0.001 … 0.01, check it with Your supplier.
Calculations take between MS and S
And then go this way.
Other does not get better than this